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Local Gun Stores Seeing Increase In Sales Since School Shooting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Owners of local gun stores say they've seen a dramatic increase in sales since the school shooting in Connecticut.

Anthony Ogline, from Verona Gun Safe, says it began in the hours after the shooting.

"Throughout that day, it had started to pick up," said Ogline. "That was Friday, and then Saturday; it was probably the busiest day of the year."

Gun stores in Harrisville, Butler County, and Ford City, Armstrong County, tell similar stories.

Allegheny County Sheriff William Mullen says they've also seen an increase in applications to carry a concealed weapon.

Sheriff Mullen says they had about 50 applications online over the weekend. Normally, they have three or four.

Ogline says the style of gun used by the shooter in Connecticut is nearly sold out, and he can't get any more from suppliers for six months.

"The last of the AR-15 style rifle here, that's been the most popular seller," said Ogline.

Although the last one left in his store has a price tag of $1,500, Ogline expects to sell it on Wednesday.

Ogline says while some gun customers have been first-time buyers who are now concerned about their safety, others have been people worried that certain types of guns will banned and they won't be able to buy them anymore.

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