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Local Girl Sickened By Cinnamon Challenge

DAYTON (KDKA) -- The Cinnamon Challenge – the dare sounds simple. Swallow a spoonful of the potent spice within a minute without any water.

It's an old dare that's gained popularity and gone viral on YouTube and Facebook.

Courtney Miller, 12, of Dayton, Armstrong County, tried it two weeks ago, and since then she's been to the hospital numerous times.

Doctors warn the prank is dangerous. Your salivary glands don't produce enough saliva to absorb the cinnamon.

"She was dared by a 21-year-old to do the cinnamon challenge," Courtney's mother, Jolene Fitzpatrick said. "Then she started getting sick. First she got pharyngitis. Her asthma started getting bad and it got to the point she couldn't breathe. She was coughing all the time."

Courtney is on medication and has an upcoming appointment to get a follow-up X-ray.

Doctors say you risk choking, collapsed lungs and even pneumonia.

"Just say no," Courtney said. "Why suffer when you can just say no?"

"Just make sure you talk to your kids about all these little dares," Jolene, her mother, said. "They don't realize how dangerous this stuff can be."

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