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Local DJ Survives Health Scare

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - When chart-topping rapper Wiz Khalifa plays his homecoming show tonight at Stage AE, he'll be joined by a popular local DJ.

However, two weeks ago, the disc jockey's life was almost cut short by a health scare.

Brandon Glova, who is better known as DJ Bonics, hosted afternoons on 96.1 KISS.

"I love being able to identify with the audience," said Glova. "I love music, so it's a perfect fit for me."

In recent years, he took gigs at local clubs, but eventually he ended up spinning for Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa. Then, Glova quit his full-time job, with benefits, to go on a two-month national tour.

"Just the thought of that was amazing, and to see where Wiz was about to go," said Glova. "Over 28 states, Canada, 56 shows, over 100,000 shows sold,"

But after returning to town, the euphoria gave way to what he thought was the flu.

"I woke up and my shoulders were burning. The people I live with have a daughter and I toss her around and have fun. I thought I pulled something and I was having the flu," he said. "What bad coincidence, you know?"

After finally going to the hospital, he found out that his right artery was 100 percent blocked. After needing a Cardio Cath to clear the blockage, he says he ignored his own health for too long.

"The fear of – 'I'm afraid what the doctor is going to say.' You're better off going and him saying there's nothing wrong and you feel like a million bucks," added Glova.

Although the decision to quit a job with health insurance is going to cost him, Glova says he doesn't regret the decision.

"I'm going to tell you this. I don't want to be morbid. What I experienced on that two-month tour was enough for me to think I was successful."

Now, he says he plans to work with the American Heart Association to spread his message of healthier living.

"If you're passionate about something - do it because you only have one shot," he added.

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