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'Your Breath Is Kind Of Out Of Whack': Local Woman Fights Coronavirus After Thinking She Had Bronchitis

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A local woman who came down with COVID-19 says she thought she had bronchitis until she was tested after her allergist noticed a low-grade fever.

Fifty-five-year-old Elaine Cole, an executive with the Social Security Administration, says she had gone in for allergy shots about a month ago but knew she wasn't feeling great.

She said she had a dry cough, no appetite and an issue with breathing.

"That you are trying to catch your breath," she explains. "It's the difficulty of walking just a few feet, and then you find that your breath is kind of out of whack."

Cole says she had been working from home during all of this and by the time she got her positive test result, the 14 day quarantine was over.

She says she is now fine, as well as two other family members in her household.

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