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Local Company Creates Smart Credit Card Technology

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Whether it's Target, Neiman Marcus or Michael's, customers whose credit card or debit card information is stolen by hackers feel violated and left watching their accounts like a hawk.

So, the idea of a more secure system is understandably appealing.

Enter Dynamics Inc. Founder and CEO Jeff Mullen. He's a prolific inventor.

"We put electronics into cards to perform different functions," says Mullen.

He's not kidding; every card is a micro-mini computer.

"The entire card is an electronic device and consumers can press different buttons on the card and it actually rewrites the card's programmable stripe," said Mullen.

Mullen's bevy of techno gurus at Dynamics Inc. in Cheswick are so far "out there" - for competitive reasons our camera was not allowed past the lobby.

The popularity of their selectable rewards card is spreading. They have come up with multiple account cards that switch with the push of a button, and the ultimate security-minded "hidden card."

"It requires a consumer to put a code into the card in order to use it, so all their transactions are secure," said Mullen.

"I don't know why we don't consider that option in our country," says Cynthia Parry, of Southview.

"If you enter the right code, then you're number displays visually on the display on the front of the screen, so you can use it for your online and you're over the phone purchase," said Mullen. "And it writes the stripe magnetically, so you can use it in a store."

A touch of a button reveals the security code needed for online or telephone purchases.

"After a period of time, the display erases and the strip erases. So, if you lose the card or it's stolen, it's irrelevant. It's a dead piece of plastic," Mullen added.

If your local retailer gets hacked, a la Target, and your card number cyber flies to the black market on the other side of the world, Mullen says "it could not be used again because the actual code changes with each purchase."

Negotiations with banks and providers to launch the cards are ongoing, but Mullen is confident the hidden card will join the success of its ePlate card, which allows you to designate two rewards providers per card.

Dynamics Inc. is hoping to provide that security soon.

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