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Rahmael Holt's Cousin On Trial, Accused Of Hiding Weapon Used To Kill Officer Brian Shaw

WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) -- The cousin of a man convicted of killing a local police officer is on trial after she allegedly hid the murder weapon.

Prosecutors say Lisa Harrington hid and disposed of the gun that convicted killer Rahmael Holt used to murder New Kensington police officer Brian Shaw.

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Harrington's defense attorney said the prosecution is using witnesses who have memory and credibility issues.

"They thought my client was involved and she disposed of the gun," defense attorney Adam Gorzelsky said.

Antoinette Strong took the stand for the prosecution on Tuesday.

She claims she was inside 1206 Victoria Ave. in New Kensington on Nov. 17, 2017 — the night Shaw was shot — and saw a shaking, nervous and bleeding Holt show up.

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Holt went into the basement, came up the stairs and left shortly afterward.

Prosecutors said Holt ditched the gun in the house.


However, Strong said she never saw Holt with a gun. She also testified Harrington showed up at the home the next day and went down the stairs with a black purse.

The prosecution says that's when the 31-year-old Harrington grabbed the gun, put it in the purse and left in her van to get rid of the .40-caliber pistol used in the murder.

Strong, however, also admitted to never seeing Harrington with the gun, either.

"You have to question the credibility of the people," Gorzelsky said.

Michael Luffey testified that he was also in the Victoria Avenue home on the morning after Shaw's murder.

officer brian shaw
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Luffey told jurors he saw Harrington leave the house with a brown paper bag, not a purse, and return later without it.

"All the sudden, you have Mr. Luffey, who has everything to gain obviously, giving the Commonwealth whatever they want. He comes up with this theory about the bag. Nobody else supports it," Gorzelsky said.

"Michael Luffey admitted that he was assisting Rahmahl Holt in selling crack cocaine," Gorzelsky added.

Judge Rita Hathaway told jurors they will likely have the case by Wednesday.

Holt was sentenced to death in February.

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