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Lingerie Football Wants To Make Pittsburgh Home Of Its 13th Franchise

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- When you speak of football legends here in Pittsburgh, lingerie football is probably not what comes to mind.

But the Legends Football League, previously known as the Lingerie Football League, wants to make Pittsburgh home to its 13th franchise.

The teams go by names like Steam, Charm, Heart, Bliss, Sin, Mist and Temptation. They will launch their third season in a few weeks. And the league wants action in Pittsburgh a year from now.

"I don't think that's what you want Pittsburgh, to be known for half-naked women running around playing football," said Trish Murphy, of McKeesport.

"I think it's all right, as long as they are good to look at anyway," John Talarico, of Moon Township, said.

League founder and owner, Mitch Mortaza, told KDKA by phone from Australia that these are athletes and it's a serious sport.

"It's basically a fashion show of women parading around in their underwear for people to oogle at," said Emily Murphy, of McKeesport.

"It's the same as women's beach volleyball. How many Olympic sports wear far less than we do? So, if you want to strictly judge it on what the women are wearing, there are other sports we can call into question," Mortaza said.

Mortaza says they are looking for a retired Steeler to be the face of the Pittsburgh team and are looking at possible playing sites indoors and outdoors.

Fourteen players make up the team, and they hope to have them in place and practicing in about a year. The team name is still to come.

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