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Libertarian Candidate Embraces Spoiler Role In Special Election

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Libertarian candidate Drew Gray Miller is relishing his role as the potential spoiler in the 18th Congressional District special election.

He says he didn't expect to win, but Miller says he had no idea how just being on the ballot would affect the outcome.

"It was awesome, one of the best nights of my entire life actually."

That's how Miller is describing his Tuesday night. It was a night where he lost the 18th District seat by a pretty wide margin.

Miller received 1,379 votes. Right now, Democrat Conor Lamb is claiming victory with a 627 vote lead over Republican candidate Rick Saccone.

While Lamb and Saccone held watch parties at hotels with swarms of media surrounding them, Miller watched the results come in while inside of Fat Heads Saloon on the South Side with friends. Initially, his name was not even included in media reports.

"All of the sudden, the percentages between the two candidates became 49 percent and 49 percent, and before I knew it, my face was on the screen. And, then, all of the sudden, there's this huge burst of applause inside of Fat Heads Saloon, and we're all giving each other high fives," Miller said.


Miller took to Twitter saying "We're only a few hours away from me being the most hated man in America #PA18"

"I knew that if I became the spoiler, as people would say, as they call me, that they were gonna blame me for one of these candidates losing," said Miller.

He says during the campaign it was Lamb's campaign who tried to blame him for being a spoiler, and now it's Saccone's team pointing the finger.

Miller says, "If you have to silence your third party opposition because your candidate can't win otherwise, that tells me you have either a crappy candidate or a crappy message."

Miller officially conceded Wednesday afternoon and says there won't be any lawsuits filed on his end.

He says it's unclear if he'll run again.

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