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'Fight Me': Former Steeler Le'Veon Bell Goes After Jake Paul On Twitter

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Le'Veon Bell is criticizing Jake Paul's wrestling method -- and wants to put his own to the test.

On Sunday, the former Steeler and now former Ravens player tweeted, "@jakepaul fight me, stop tryna fight ppl who can't box."

Bell added in a separate tweet: "I'm tired of watching him out box ppl who don't even wanna box…if he wanna boxing match, a real one, he'd fight me…period, stop fightin small dudes who can't box."

After his comments were quoted by another outlet, he tweeted again:

"he won't tho cuz i'm 29, I'm actually his size, an athletic background, & been boxing just as long as he has …"

Jake Paul faced off against Tyron Woodley and won this weekend.

With that, Paul tagged Woodley and tweeted "this clown saying you can't box. How about you show him as part of the next MVP event? Tyron would drop you faster than the Ravens !!"

Bell had a brief stint this NFL season with the Baltimore Ravens, who cut ties with him last month.

Bell was a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2013 to 2019.

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