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On A Positive Note: Lesson In Kindness From Mt. Lebanon School District Students

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A tiny ladybug with a yellow spot has inspired a mission of kindness and inclusion in the Mt. Lebanon School District.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Sixth-grader Holden Frye returned to his elementary school, Hoover Elementary, to read his new book "The Spot" to students during an assembly. It's the highlight of the school's celebration of inclusion.

Dot the ladybug is different. She has one yellow spot and a curly antenna, but she wants to feel valued and included.

"I think when people read the book, they get an understanding of how you can make people feel by doing one really simple, kind thing," said Holden.

Holden's inspiration came after another assembly two years ago. Kim Resh, the founder of the non-profit Mikayla's Voice, visited schools to talk about inclusion. She always ends by encouraging the students to write a book.

Holden is the first student to take her up on that challenge. Resh's daughter, Mikayla, died three years ago when she was 24 years old. Mikayla was born with a permanent brain injury. She never walked or talked, but she did spread joy and experience a lot of love, according to her mom.

"Our mission is to challenge kids to create a kinder, more inclusive world where everyone has a friend and it's really to have the kids do it and it's more than just kids with disabilities," she said.

"She is with us absolutely every day. And I lost her three years ago, but I'm very blessed to continue the work we started together and I know she's smiling down on all these kids," she added.

Thanks to a donation from the Law Offices of Steidl and Steinberg, Mikayla's Voice will gift a copy of Holden's book to every kindergarten and first-grade class in Allegheny County. Partnering with them is Achieva, a disability services and advocacy organization.

"We're all doing our small part in the world, and that's all anyone can ask for," said Resh.

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