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Learning Environment In Homestead Allows Young People To Experience A Summer Camp Like No Other

HOMESTEAD (KDKA) -- With a challenging school year wrapping up, many parents have their sights set on summer camps for their kids. But there are many families who can't afford to send their children.

A unique learning environment in Homestead is making it possible for many young people to experience a summer camp like no other.

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Dragon's Den, a not-for-profit located in at a historic former church is an indoor challenge course that became a destination for children during the pandemic. It opened in September.

Starting in June, it will offer six weeks of camp activities including theater, science, spoken word, and more. Underprivileged children in the community will also be able to attend, thanks to scholarships from the Jefferson Regional Foundation.

"There are a lot of families in need," said Don Michael Mendoza of La Ti Do Productions, one of the partner organizations working with Dragon's Den this season.

Director and Founder Giulia Lozza Petrucci told KDKA's Kym Gable "We were ready to embrace a Summer camp but not just one Summer camp. We wanted to be here and give something to every single child."

Caren Hearne from Mariposa Theater said, "The entire space is full of opportunity. You can't help but feel that the minute you walk in."

You can learn more about Dragon's Den here.

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