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Leaders of Postal Service Unions are Concerned about the threat of Privatization

US Postal Service is starting to ramp up attempts to have private workers inside of Staples retail stores. This is something that we could see in Pittsburgh soon. In result of that, they may shut down some local faculties. Some postal workers believe that this will cost jobs, hurt the service as a whole and raise prices for the public.

Chris Moore was joined on his radio show by leaders of various postal service unions. His guest included Chuck Pugar, president of the PGH Metro Area Postal Workers Union, Gary Bluestone, President of Branch 84 National Association of Letter Carriers, and Michael Plaskon, Executive Vice President of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Moore asked if this was a move to privatize the postal service. "Right now, the leadership of the postal service is taking measures that will end with the privatization of the postal service," said Plaskon. "There's plans to close processing plants at the beginning of this year."

Pugar went into detail about how this could hurt the service in urban and rural areas. "The Staples initiative but there's a lot happening behind the scenes," said Pugar. "What's really happening here is that the Postal service is setting up retail shops in the Staples stores and most of these stores are like within 2 miles or less of their neighboring post office."

Listen to a segment of the interview below.

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