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Man Claims He Was Beaten Unconscious By Bridgewater Police Officer While Another Officer Watched

BEAVER COUNTY (KDKAK) -- A man claims a Bridgewater police officer beat him unconscious, while he was handcuffed, and another officer watched and did nothing.

A federal lawsuit claims the police department was aware of problems with this officer, but still allowed him to be on the streets.

David Mileham is still suffering physical and emotional pain. He's unable to work and has lost his faith in the police.

"They beat him almost to death over what? Certainly, he wasn't a threat once he was handcuffed," attorney Joel Sansone said.

The plaintiff's attorney says it all began late one June night at a marina in Bridgewater where Mileham works as a maintenance man.

Sansone claims Mileham was about to board his boat when officers Jeremy Conley and Nathan Swierkosz confronted him and asked for his name.

Mileham would only tell him his first name and went on the boat.

The officers followed.

"He decided not to give them his last name," Sansone said. "Now that apparently caused them to get angry and go after him in a violent and vicious way."

The lawsuit claims Conley boarded the boat without permission, tased Mileham, grabbed him, pinned him to the floor and handcuffed him.

After he was handcuffed, the suit claims Conley tased him again, removed him from the boat, struck him in the face with a fist, then dragged him by his arms and legs.

Both Conley and Swierkosz are no longer on the Bridgewater's police force.

Mileham, meanwhile, was charged with several felonies.

All charges were dropped except for a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

Bridgewater Borough nor its police department have commented.

The solicitor said he hasn't received the lawsuit yet.

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