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Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Tips: Keeping Your Shopping Trip Safe And Successful

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - We're just one week from Christmas Day and for many that means one thing: last-minute shopping.

Heading out the weekend before Christmas to get everyone crossed off your shopping list can be a mad dash but with that comes risk, especially if you have multiple stops to make.

If you still have multiple gifts to buy, Pittsburgh Public Safety recommends making sure those valuables, packages, and shopping bags are secure in your vehicle, more specifically, out of sight.

Keep the presents in the trunk or covered up and once you're home, make sure to bring them all inside with you.

Also, when shopping inside of stores, make sure to take your purse and/or wallet inside with you, even if you believe it will be a quick stop.

Then, there's the obvious.

Once you make a stop at a store, be sure to shut your vehicle off, take the keys with you, and make sure the doors and trunk are locked!

Public safety is also making sure if people see something, they're sure to say something.

Anyone that sees a person illegally trying to enter a vehicle or knows of someone who is a victim of auto theft, be sure to call 911.

Have a safe and merry Christmas, Pittsburgh!

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