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Keystone Oaks Teachers Return To Class As Contract Negotiations Continue

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Contract issues remain between the Keystone Oaks School District and the teachers' union. Both are hoping an upcoming meeting will solve the dispute.

Students are learning virtually today, but they'll be back to in-person instruction later this week.

The teachers went on strike on Feb. 1 and it lasted seven days. It started because both the Keystone Oaks Education Association and school district couldn't agree on a new contract. The last contract expired on June 30.

The big issue, according to the union, is money. They do not want a pay freeze.

"We did some digging and found that 70% of [administrators] got a raise. Their pay freeze did start, but it didn't start till Jan. 1, so that was disheartening to us to see that," Kevin Gallagher, KOEA union president, said.

The union and the district will be discussing contract negotiations Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

As for the process, the school district released this statement:

"The school board and KOEA [the union] will be entering into non-binding arbitration. However, the school board is committed to continuing to meet with the association in hopes that an agreement can be reached before that process is finalized."

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