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After Keystone Oaks Teachers Vote 'No Confidence' In High School Principal, Parents Wants Answers

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Keystone Oaks Education Association took a 44-2 vote of "no confidence" in high school principal Michael Linnert on Monday.

Those results were read to the school board on Tuesday night and have created controversy across the district.

The teachers union voiced concerns over what it calls Linnert's inexperience, lack of student discipline, poor communication and decision making. Teachers expressed that his actions have caused deep concerns for the safety of themselves and their students.

But some parents are unclear on where those concerns stem from.

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"You come out with these statements, and we're not getting details with them," parent Nicole Rulli said. "So, I'm just concerned. I kind of want a little more information from them to let us know what some of these statements were about."

KDKA-TV called Lainey Resetar, president of the Keystone Oaks Education Association, on Wednesday. She was unable to offer specific details about the issues that have led to these safety concerns. But she said they range from minor infractions to fights that the principal allegedly did not handle in a consistent or timely fashion.

"You write up a student, we expect discipline to be given. And when discipline is not given, then that's where the trust comes in. We don't feel respected," Resetar said.

Resetar said all of this has contributed to low morale and quality of education in the building. But the district administration is biting back.

In a statement, the district said none of these allegations were brought by the teachers to HR, the superintendent or the board of school directors prior to Tuesday.

The statement also said:

"We are deeply disappointed in KOEA's decision to take a "No Confidence" vote and to broadcast their allegations publicly, rather than address them through the proper channels. Their actions are unprofessional and disrespectful, first and foremost, to Mr. Linnert, and also to the district's administrative team and the Board of School Directors."

Linnert has been with the district since 2018. He did not immediately return KDKA's request for comment on Wednesday.

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