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Teachers Give Keystone Oaks Principal 'No Confidence' Vote

By: Patrick Damp/KDKA-TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Teachers in Keystone Oaks High School gave the principal a "no confidence" vote.

The union said teachers have concerns about Michael Linnert, citing his inexperience, poor communication, lack of student discipline, and the absence of a clear vision for the future.

"Mr. Linnert's actions have led us feeling disrespected, degraded, and distrusted," the Keystone Oaks Education Association said in a statement. "He does not prioritize student or staff safety, providing no support or consistency in dealing with student behavior. His poor interpersonal relationships with the staff and poor decision-making, in general, have left members in the building with a sense of low morale and a deep concern for the safety of our students."

They are also calling on the school board to take action.

The White Oaks superintendent and school board president issued a statement saying the concerns in the letter hadn't been raised before Tuesday night.

"We are deeply disappointed in KOEA's decision to take a 'No Confidence' vote and to broadcast their allegations publicly, rather than address them through the proper channels. Their actions are unprofessional and disrespectful, first and foremost, to Mr. Linnert, and also to the district's administrative team and the Board of School Directors," the joint statement said.

The superintendent and school board president said they don't agree with the tactics the union used but are taking the letter seriously.

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