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What's New At Kennywood

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Painters were touching up facades while workers laid new asphalt and double-checked roller coasters.

It's all part of sprucing up Kennywood, as it opened for the 2015 season on May 2nd.

There are no new rides since the Black Widow opened in 2012, but Kennywood is building a 90-seat, 4-D theater to open later this summer.

Visitors will wear 3-D glasses to watch a short video but then, says Paradise, "Different things that are going to engage every one of the five senses -- it might be different smells that coincide with what they see on screen, or it might be a blast of air or possibly even a splash of water."

And don't be surprised if your seat suddenly moves, too.

Kennywood also has new food -- cookies 'n' cream dippin' dots, new cream-filled funnel cakes, a cilantro lime chicken at Pedro's and for the healthy-minded organic foods.

This year the Jack Rabbit celebrates its 95th anniversary, and they'll be a big birthday party on Sunday, May 24th.

Believe it or not, this is not the oldest ride in the park. The Whip opened in 1918, and that Old Mill goes back to 1901.

As a family destination, Kennywood takes pride in its safety and security measures and asks visitors to leave their problems outside the gates.

"You come through that tunnel and political leanings and positions and standings and those kind of things, they get left behind," says Paradise.

"This is a place for fun."

And to encourage more fun, season ticket holders are now in a new loyalty group called the Fanatics.

"They're going to get special treatment, extra opportunities for discounts in the shops and on food as well."

And that includes a special express line to get into the park quickly.

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