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Fall On Escalator Causes Major Pile-Up At Kenny Chesney Concert

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- There was a major pile-up on an escalator inside Heinz Field ahead of Saturday's Kenny Chesney concert.

It all started when one woman fell, then things got worse from there.

It happened at Gate B around 6 p.m.

Nick Rothaar was jammed onto the escalator going up.

"Going up the escalator to section 200. The lady behind me fell. She was on the ground the whole way up the ride," he said.

escalator pile up kenny chesney
(Photo Credit: Nick Rothaar)

Rothaar captured all of it on his cell phone. He says the first woman who fell couldn't get up.

"Girl behind me fell backwards. [She was] drunk. She was by herself, I think, the whole way up," he said. "Once she hit the top, everyone just fell on top of her. It just escalated from there."

Rothaar says the pile-up was nasty -- about 15 to 20 people, some with injuries.

"Some people did have scrapes on their legs, and I think one person went to the hospital," he said.

Rothaar posted the video of the incident to his social media accounts, where it has attracted a lot of attention.

Family members of those injured and Heinz Field officials have reached out to him.

"They said they were going to reach out to their chief of staff to look into it for any future concerts, just so that this doesn't happen again," Rothaar said.

The folks at Heinz Field say they have no reports of any injuries and no report of anyone being taken to the hospital as a result of the incident.

The Pittsburgh Public Safety report about the Chesney concert says, however, "1 person transported to Mercy/multiple people fell on top of each other down the escalator."

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