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Kellyanne Conway: 'Rick Saccone Is Right There With The President'

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- One of the top advisors to President Donald Trump visited southwestern Pennsylvania Thursday to speak at a major Republican fundraiser.

Kellyanne Conway's visit comes just days after a watchdog group accused her of violating ethics rules, but the purpose of her visit was an upcoming special election.

Conway is best known as the campaign manager who engineered Donald Trump's election to the presidency, but in Pittsburgh on Thursday night, she had one focus -- the election of Rick Saccone to Congress.

"The president feels really great about those who are pushing for his agenda of lower taxes and fewer regulations and a stronger military, a well-funded military, people who believe in the coal-mining industry, steel, aluminum and manufacturing," said Conway. "And it seems that Rick Saccone is right there with the president on those issues and that's important because the president wants reliable votes in Washington."

Conway was the warm-up act to the president's visit to Moon Township on Saturday.

"The president, I am sure, will go back to a number of the issues that he has talked about all along," Conway said. "Why? Because they are not just campaign promises any more. They are actual law."

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Conway says Democrat Conor Lamb straddles the issues, like saying he's pro-life personally, but pro-choice on policy.

"If you believe in abortion, late-term abortion, after the 20th week, the way Conor Lamb does, that you're going to vote against a ban on 20 week abortions when non-partisan scientists say that fetus can feel pain, then you're going to vote for Conor Lamb. If you believe in the sanctity of life and protecting it, then you're going to vote for Rick Saccone," Conway said.

But on the issue of findings that Conway violated the law by criticizing political candidates from the White House on government time, she was mum.

"I have not commented on that particular report," she said. "The White House has commented on it on behalf of the president. I have discussed it with the president. But I haven't commented yet, and I don't plan to."

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