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Former Steeler Kameron Kelly Facing Multiple Charges After Refusing To Leave Mario's South Side Saloon

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A witness sent KDKA video of former Steeler Kameron Kelly in handcuffs being placed in a Pittsburgh Police cruiser.

"He just had one drink when he was here then left like 10 minutes later," said bartender Hannah Steele.

Steele waited on Kelly at Local Bar and Kitchen before she says he left to go to Mario's across the street.

"He was super chill and relaxed. Wasn't acting crazy or anything while he was in Local," said Steele.

WATCH: Video Of Kameron Kelly Outside Of Mario's South Side Saloon

Pittsburgh Police were back inside Mario's Friday afternoon, talking to employees and gathering evidence. Police said things got out of control when Kelly refused to leave Mario's. Kelly is accused of threatening an employee stating:

"I'll knock you the [expletive] out," after becoming agitated over the jukebox not playing his song.

Police said they tried to explain to Kelly that he wasn't allowed back inside the bar once he went outside, but tried to go back inside anyways. During all of this, the officer, in full uniform, accidentally stepped on a woman's foot.

WATCH: KDKA's Pam Surano Reports On Kameron Kelly's Arrest.

Turns out, that woman was Kelly's quote "girl". Police said Kelly became aggressive and threatened the officer stating:

"I promise to God I'll [expletive] you up boy."

Police said Kelly resisted arrest multiple times and in order to gain control, the officer punched Kelly in the face a couple of times and arrested him.

Kelly was treated at the hospital where police say he continued to misbehave, then was taken to jail. Steelers fans said they're disappointed to hear Kelly has since been cut from the team.

"I don't think he should be cut from the team. Give him a chance. Everybody deserves a second chance. Mistakes were made," said Steelers fan Brandon Clark.

Police said this isn't the first time staff at Mario's on the South Side has had problems with Kelly.

The officer involved in the incident outside of Mario's was wearing a body camera, which police and the DA's office says they can't release since it's part of an ongoing investigation. The same goes for the surveillance video inside Mario's.

Kelly is due back in court at the end of December.

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