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Kecksberg Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of Possible UFO Sighting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Kecksberg, Pa. is a quaint little town in Westmoreland County, known for one thing – something – that crashed there 50 years ago.

At least that was the story. It was back in 1965 when the sky above Westmoreland County was ripped open by a flash of light screaming through the darkness. Something smashed into the woods outside of Kecksburg.

"I was coming down over the hill when it came over the radio that something crashed in Kecksburg," said eyewitness Bill Weaver.

Weaver was one of hundreds pouring into the tiny town the night the thing hit the ground. It didn't take long for Bill to find out just where the object had landed.

"You could see where something moved through there and knocked down trees and brush," he said. "There was a blue light emanating, whatever this object was."

Also in the area that night was Ronnie Struble and his new bride.

"We seen this orange streak in the sky," said Struble. "Being young and inquisitive, me and the wife said 'We gotta go see what's going on out there.'"

They soon found themselves stopped along Meteor Road looking in the woods and seeing lots of uniforms.

"We were not permitted to go by the blockade, but the fact is there was military in that hollow," Struble said.

"What made the story very interesting is that when information came out, even Bill Burns came on KDKA saying the military was heading to the Kecksburg area," said UFO researcher Stan Gordon.

The same military personnel who all who allegedly removed the glowing acorn-shaped object, ushering it away under tarps on a flatbed truck – to who knows where.

"There are still many mysteries regarding what was the object that fell in 1965," said Gordon.

What is not a mystery is that the object has been very good for Kecksburg's economy – especially the volunteer fire company. They host the yearly UFO festival, which runs this Friday to Sunday. And there's even a UFO-themed gift shop.

Some say what happened in Kecksburg was space junk or a meteor, or nothing at all.

But if you ask an eyewitness, they'll tell you 50 years haven't blurred the memories of that night.

"There was something, definitely something sitting down in that hollow putting off the blue light," said Struble.

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