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KDKA-AM Connects With Space Shuttle

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Space Shuttle Endeavour is on its last mission to space and is currently docked at the International Space Station.

Among the crew are local astronaut Mike Fincke, Mark Kelly, husband of U.S. Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, and Greg Chamitoff, and they talk to KDKA AM's John Shumway live about their mission and the shuttle legacy.

"It was an amazing launch. We were sitting there in Florida and the clouds were coming over. We were wondering if we were going to get canceled because of weather. Then, the clouds gently dissipated and eight-and-a-half minutes later, with a big kick in the pants, we were up in space and boy was it amazing," Fincke said.

Fincke described what it was like to sit up on the flight deck and watch the scenery change out the window during the flight.

"We could see the clouds race by and the planet get smaller and smaller and it was really an amazing sight," Fincke said.



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