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Project Destiny helps fill the gap when it comes to education, childcare, and more | KD Sunday Spotlight

KD Sunday Spotlight: Project Destiny
KD Sunday Spotlight: Project Destiny 03:06

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Inside the early learning center, on CCAC's main campus there's a daycare, and childcare providers like Gwendolyn Marcus teach and nurture children from eighteen months up to age six.

The kids can't get enough of her. 

"I'm used to it," Marcus said with a kid climbing in her lap. "I've been in the field for like over twenty years. This is what happens if I sit down, kids are going to come, this is part of it."

Part of their day-to-day means learning days of the week, colors, and words. From A-B-Cs and playtime, children grow and learn here. This discounted daycare accepts childcare subsidies and the service frees up parents to work and make a living.

"It is awesome, I think it is very much needed, and I'm glad that I have a hand in offering some quality childcare in the community," Marcus said.

The non-profit Project Destiny knew daycare options were needed in the north side especially. Gerard Mahon is the Resource Coordinator for Project Destiny.

"The great thing about what we did is we sat down, and we got the feedback from the community to determine what their needs were," Mahon said. "We cover the gamut of everything."

Now this daycare is just one of the many services the organization offers. The non-profit started in 2004 on the North side and now, it's expanded to all of Allegheny County.

Project Destiny provides free bi-weekly healthy food distributions, secures stable housing and transportation for Pittsburghers, and serves as a major connector to get people the resources they need.

"We have over 250 organizations we partner with to really address those needs," said Mahon.

Since 2018, Project Destiny has helped transform the lives of about 68,000 people in our community. 

"When you can take people who are at their toughest moment and get them to a place where they're stable and can thrive in life, that's what makes it all worth it," Mahon said.

All the smiles on children's faces make this non-profit's work worthwhile for all staff like Marcus too. She said, "Very awesome children. They all need love; they all need care."

It cares for the community showing children and adults, that this non-profit is there for them in every way.

Once again, the daycare is not free, but other services are. Project Destiny also offers free summer camps for kids; you can sign up for now.

If you'd like to work for this non-profit, they are hiring now too. 

You can learn more about their work and what they offer on their website at this link

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