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KD Sunday Spotlight: Connecting Champions lets cancer patients pursue their passions

KD Sunday Spotlight: Connecting Champions 05:47

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- In this week's KD Sunday Spotlight, a local non-profit is helping children and young adults with cancer pursue their passion.

Since 2011, Connecting Champions has asked these individuals, "what are you passionate about?"

Founder and executive director Sidney Kushner said then they pair them with a mentor in the field, so they can get a hands-on experience, virtually and in-person.

The organization has mentors from more than 50 professions ranging from veterinarians to chefs to artists. 

Kushner said this special friendship helps children and young adults better survive their cancer journey, developmentally, psychosocially and physically. 

The visits average about 55 minutes, and the mentorship lasts for about 73 weeks. 

Kushner created this organization when he was 19-years-old in honor of his friend who lost her life to cancer. 

For more information on how to become a mentee or mentor, visit their website

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