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Kaylene Oehling's Family Frustrated With Investigation 2 Years After Her Disappearance

ETNA, Pa. (KDKA) - For two years, a local family has been waiting in anguish for answers.

Twenty-year-old Kaylene Oehling of Etna vanished under suspicious circumstances in January of 2020. On the anniversary of her disappearance, her family says they're disgusted with the investigation and need help.

The man she was seeing was charged with sending nude photos of her to her own family members after she went missing but he has not been charged with her disappearance.

Oehling's family says near breaks in the case to find her have all come up cold. They feel the investigation into her disappearance was botched from the start.

"She had a lot of people who were involved in her life who miss her terribly," said her uncle Paul Young.

Two years after 20-year-old Kaylene Oehling of Etna disappeared, her family says they have more pain than answers. They held another vigil Sunday night to keep her case and memory alive.

Her family says Kaylene disappeared after meeting a man she had been seeing.

"By the time Etna police took it serious, so much time had gone by that we were missing video surveillance that we could have gotten off the street poles, off of businesses that she walked past that night when she went to go meet him," said Young.

Kaylene was seeing Michael Manno, a man more than twice her age.

While Manno has not been charged with the disappearance of Kaylene, he has been charged with sending nude pictures of Kaylene after she went missing to her sister and father.

"You're saying you're not guilty but you're sending pictures of a missing girl to her family. What message is that?" asked Young.

Manno's record shows previous convictions of arson, theft, auto theft, statutory sexual assault, reckless endangerment, corruption of minors and aggravated assault.

Kaylene's family says there have been so many missteps in the investigation and two years later, they deserve answers.

"Our problem is to find out where my niece is, my sister's daughter, my niece and nephew's sister that's what we care about," said Young.

Michael Manno goes to trial in March for sending lewd photographs to Kaylene's underage sister. He has plead not guilty.

Kaylene's family remains very disturbed by the way her disappearance investigation has been conducted. They're hoping for better communication with Allegheny County Police who have taken over the investigation.

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