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Kavanaugh Protesters Gather At University Of Pittsburgh

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OAKLAND (KDKA) - About 100 people gathered under a tent to protest U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Several different groups were represented at the gathering at the University of Pittsburgh. All of them say they are speaking up and speaking out for the same reason; to stop the appointment of Kavanaugh.

"We were hoping to have a speak out where everybody could share their stories of survival and also how and why we organize to fight back against bigots like Kavanaugh and Trump," said Alicia Salvadeo, a socialist alternative.

Pitt - Oakland Brett Kavanaugh Protest
Photo Credit: (KDKA)

Rallies like this are taking place across the county and many are chanting the same thing, "we will not go back" and "cancel Kavanaugh."

"It was my duty as an American to show up," said Stan Shostar of Squirrel Hill. "I think that we all should be taking part in a protest against what's going on with the appointment to the supreme court and this is the best that Pittsburgh could do."

Protestor Margaret Shumate says that she has friends that have been affected by sexual violence.

"I have friends that have been affected by sexual violence and it's a horrible, horrible thing that women all across America face today," said Shumate. "The fact that we have a Supreme Court justice nominee, that will probably become a Supreme Court justice in the very near future, that has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. It's just astounding and just extremely upsetting to me. I think it's something we all should be fighting against."

Protesters at the event say that President Trump is a sexual abuser and now he is trying to elevate another abuser.


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