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Karimah Westbrook On Season 3 Of The CW Network's 'All American': 'The Show Has A Lot Of Heart'

(CBS Local)-- Season three of "All American" returns to The CW Network on Monday, April 12 and the experience has been a life-changing one for Karimah Westbrook. The actor plays Grace James on the show and this is the first time she's been a series regular on television.

The series is based off the life of former NFL player and Super Bowl champion Spencer Paysinger and centers around a rising high school football star in Southern California named Spencer James. CBS Local caught up with Westbrook to discuss the series, playing a single mother on television and what fans can expect in the new season of the show.

"It's been a lot of fun. This is my first role as a series regular on television and what a great show to be a part of," said Westbrook, in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "I love seeing how the fans respond to the show and how they are so into all of the characters. It's been a fun ride. I was most focused on being a mom because I don't have kids in real life. I was a little worried if people would believe I was a mom. I really wanted to understand the world. I had a chance to meet Spencer Paysinger, who the show is inspired by and I had a chance to talk to his mom."

Westbrook believes her time with Paysinger's mother was invaluable when it came to her preparation for the series. While there are many different intriguing parts of the show when it comes to football, relationships and the culture of Southern California, Westbrook believes the writing is the most important ingredient of why the series resonates so deeply.

"The writing, the stories, the heart. The show has a lot of heart and it's really relatable. I'm an adult now, but I understand a lot of the things the teens are going through. I love that it's just real life. It's very real and very grounded in a lot of ways."

While Westbrook didn't give away any secrets for what's to come in season three, she says fans are going to be surprised at multiple points throughout the new season.

"There's a lot happening this season," said Westbrook. "We got renewed for a season four, so I'm very happy about that. You know I can't give any spoilers. There's some good stuff coming, things that no one would really anticipate. There's more drama, of course. There's nothing I can really say without it being a spoiler."

Watch "All American" on Monday, April 12 and catch up on the first two seasons on The CW app.

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