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Jim Krenn 'Not Bitter' After Exit From WDVE

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Popular radio host Jim Krenn is finally discussing his split from WDVE.

"The reason I'm not bitter is because I really have been blessed in this career," he said. "It's hard to get bitter when you look back at those 24 years."

Krenn believes he should at WDVE studios where he dominated the airwaves for 24 years.

"I'm as baffled as everybody else believe it or not," he said. "Not bitter, but baffled."

He says there was no yelling or no screaming - just a meeting in November where executives at WDVE told him he wasn't going to do morning radio anymore and that was that.

"We were No 1. I felt healthy, no character issues as far as I know, I mean, matter of fact, the FBI is giving me a leadership award next week, so they did good research."

For now, Krenn will do some comedy. He's having a big show at the Byham and will do some internet broadcasting. He has a website and he will wait for another shot at morning radio in Pittsburgh.

"I want to be in morning radio, I'm a morning radio guy," Krenn said. "I miss waking up with Pittsburghers and the listeners."

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