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'Welcome, Welcome, Welcome': Jeff Goldblum Is Newest Star At Buhl Planetarium

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- There's a lot of stars in the Buhl Planetarium at the Carnegie Science Center, and now they've just added one more.

But this isn't a star you'll see in the night sky.

This one is from right here in Pittsburgh, and if you visit the iconic planetarium, you might recognize his voice.

(Photo Credit: Meghan Schiller/KDKA)

Actor and Pittsburgh-area native Jeff Goldblum is the new welcoming voice you hear when you enter the planetarium. He recorded a greeting message recently for the Science Center, and worked in a little humor.

"Hello, my name is Jeff Goldblum, and you know what I want to say, "Welcome. Welcome, welcome, welcome to you 'cause here you are at the Buhl Planetarium, which is what we like to say is a theater of the stars. Now, the stars that you are about to see aren't movie stars, some people would call me a movie star, but these are profoundly large, brilliantly hot masses of gas and plasma, well, some of that actually does describe me."

LISTEN: Watch Goldblum's Full Message Here --


The man who made it all possible is Buhl Planetarium and Observatory Program Development Coordinator Ralph Crewe.

He said he thought it would be cool to get a famous Pittsburgh voice to welcome visitors in, but didn't think a man as busy as Goldblum could accommodate the request.

"I had very little faith it would work. I just had this idea, wouldn't it be cool to send his agent this message saying the Buhl Planetarium is this pillar of Pittsburgh. Jeff grew up going here, his voice could influence millions to come, and they said 'yes,' which I was totally surprised," said Crewe. "So, I wrote a script, sent it off and two days later I had this email from Jeff Goldblum with a vocal message welcoming people to the planetarium."

He said it was very exciting to get the email back from the "Jurassic Park" star.

For more information on the Buhl Planetarium, visit their page on the Science Center's website here.

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