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January Snowfall In Pittsburgh Reached Record Low Totals

There have only been four days in January that have had an official snow depth of greater than or equal to 1 inch since 2008.

So far this month we have had 3.9 inches of snow.

The normal value is 10.7 inches of snowfall.

Totaling the season so far since the beginning of the season on October 1st, we have only had nine days with greater than or equal to 1 inch of snow depth.

That brings us a total of 11.5 inches of snowfall this season.

The normal value is 21.4 inches.

We do have rain and snow in the forecast for Friday afternoon and evening that could bring these numbers up just a little bit.

Totaling precipitation for the month of January we have had 3.64 inches and the normal value is 2.53 inches, which leaves us above normal.

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