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James Farrior: Wouldn't Look Right To See Polamalu In Another Uniform

PITTSBURGH (KDKA 93-7 The Fan)- Former Steelers linebacker James Farrior joined Bob Pompeani Saturday to talk about the Steelers.

They discussed Troy Polamalu's future, and Farrior said that it would be hard to see Polamalu play for another team if the Steelers release him.

"Everybody knows Troy as a Steeler, and I'm sure if he does go on to play a few more years, then people probably won't remember those last few years. They'll always remember Troy as a Steeler," Farrior said. "It wouldn't look right to me, him being in another uniform."

Farrior told Pompeani that Polamalu is not the same player that he used to be, and Polamalu has to think about whether he would be happy in a role where he doesn't play every down.

"If he wants to accept a lesser role, then maybe that's a situation he might think about. But if he doesn't want to do that, then I think it's time to give it up," Farrior said.

Farrior said that Polamalu would have a hard time adding to his career accomplishments if he were to continue playing.

"I'm sure he's got a lot of things to think about, but I mean, at the end of the day, how can he really add to his legacy? He's done it all," Farrior said. "He's won Super Bowls, he's been Defensive Player of the Year, he's been to multiple Pro Bowls. He's done so much, what else can he do?"

Farrior said that James Harrison made a big impact for the Steelers last year, and that Harrison still has something left.

"I think he was probably one of the best linebackers that the Steelers had last year, and I think he really helped them out once he got his wind under his belt and he got back in football shape," Farrior said. "I definitely think he's still got something left in the tank."

Farrior told Pompeani that he was sad to see the Steelers and defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau part ways.

"It's just one of those things where when it's your time, it's your time. That goes for coaches too. I definitely hated to see LeBeau go; he's my favorite coach all-time, hands down," Farrior said.

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