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iZombie Recap: Episode 13, "Taking Things To The Super Max"

By Courtney E. Smith

It's the season finale of iZombie and you know what that means: this is the episode where Blaine quotes the Rolling Stones and calls himself "the Mick Jagger here" (never mind that it's really a cover of an Irma Thomas song). So after last week, Blaine is holding Boyfriend (a.k.a. the man who knows too much) in the freezer. Already dead!

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As we join Detective Clive, Dr. Ravi and Liv in the lab, it seems the poor little drummer girl of the Asshats met her maker last week in that harrowing scene at the motel. Naturally her sarcastic brains are Liv's meal for the episode. That doesn't stop her from having an emotional breakdown about Roommate ADA catching her turning full zombie, freaking and fleeing the apartment. Dr. Ravi refuses to give her his zombie cure until he's sure they can turn all the other zombies back into humans, which Liv agrees with for reasons that do not jibe with her usually selfish worldview. But that thought is interrupted by a flash memory from the sassy drummer that leads Liv to believe Max Rager was behind all those kids, or rather witnesses, getting killed over the last few episodes.

And what's going on in the big bad world of Max Rager? Vaughn, the CEO with no conscience, is back and interviewing a new head of research and development for the company. Sebastian the zombie turned himself in to the Rager and kind of killed the old head of R&D during a questioning. Naturally he claims to have been in Milan when Liv and Detective Clive show up. Oldest excuse in the book. Vaughn is (un)pleasantly surprised to find his soldier Sebastian was killed by Liv.

Vaughn's plan is to develop a new drink called Super Max that eliminates the need for sleep. Hopefully he's got some kind of conspicuous consumer plan for people with all these waking hours or it would be sort of pointless. Anyway, the new head of R&D is tasked with eliminating the nasty zombie side effect from their formula. Should be easy.

Fun zombie fact: apparently they can feel cold. Or so that very puffy, fur-lined coat Blaine wears into the freezer while he tries to break down Boyfriend would imply. He trots out his plan for psychological torture and even manages to work in a reference to the Nazis. Then he serves him soup with brains in it, revealing that those brains came from one of his youth shelter kids–revealing it by wheeling him out on a hook with his skull ripped off. Stand strong, Boyfriend. Oh hell, we all know Boyfriend is going to crack as soon as Liv's little brother shows up again for his part time job as Blaine's delivery boy.

While that mind trickery is going on Liv, in full sassy drummer mode, is with Detective Clive at the junkyard trying to locate another missing kid. After they track his phone to the trunk of a car that's recently been flattened (ouch), they find Cam, the Asshats' singer, in a new car and flush with Max Rager cash. He swaps a flash drive full of company secrets for a backpack of cash, but when he walks out of that deal someone blows up his car. Max Rager is not trying to mess around with witnesses.

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