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IUP's Criminal Justice Academy Launches 'Police Legitimacy' Course

INDIANA, Pa. (KDKA) - Incidents of police brutality have caused contention between the public and police over the past several months.

Now Indiana University of Pennsylvania is working to repair that relationship.

This is all being done through education.

And you do not have to be a student to participate.

In response public concern over policing, the Criminal Justice Academy at IUP launched a course about police legitimacy.

Which basically means, how police are viewed by the public.

The one time, 7.5 hour class explains how implicit bias and other race related issues impact the level of trust and confidence people from particular groups have in law enforcement.

The class is open to both the public and police in aims to bring both sides together.

Marcia Cole, Program Coordinator, IUP Police Academy said, "I like the interaction with people that are not police, community members taking the class. And you get a really good back and forth about what people from the community like and it's not just focused on how police officers should act but what the community wants from us."

The police legitimacy course costs $40 per person and is being offered at IUP's main campus, satellite campuses and any police headquarters.

Indiana Borough and Indiana University Police have already completed the course.

The Lower Burrell Police Department is scheduled next on October 16.

If you are interested in taking this course, call Marcia Cole at 724-357-3987.

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