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Protecting Your Trip: How To Avoid Unexpected Costs When Inclement Weather Impacts Travel

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Locally, we're not expecting a lot of snow this weekend, but in other areas of the east coast, a powerful storm is set to move through.

Some of those areas could see a foot of snow or more.

So, what can you do if a storm like this has an impact on your travel plans?

It's not just snow for some places, intense, damaging winds are also expected along with coastal flooding. A combination like this one will make traveling difficult and it's important to be prepared.

"Potential flight delays, just delays in general caused by inclement weather," said Meghan Walch a travel insurance expert with InsureMyTrip.

What parts of the east coast could see this weekend is what is known as a "bomb cyclone."

"We could be facing up to two feet of snow," Walch said.

For travelers who had plans to fly out of Pittsburgh International Airport to cities like Boston or providence, Walch has some tips.

"Check in with the airline and see if your flight is still on or if it's been canceled," she said. "Check airport wait times or pack yourself an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on."

Now, if your plan includes driving, experts suggest traveling during the day as it will be easier to see the roads and of course, no matter what time you travel, take a travel safety kit with you and take your time.

"Make sure your vehicle is up to date with snow tires and any other safety requirements," Walch said.

It's also recommended to purchase travel insurance which can help combat unexpected costs.

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