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Instincts Kick In For Nurse Who Took Charge After Car Crashed Into West Mifflin Arby's

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WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. (KDKA) – A nurse who jumped in to help after a car slammed into a local restaurant is sharing the story exclusively with KDKA.

A car ended up inside the Arby's on Lebanon Church Road in West Mifflin on Friday.

Tracey Miljus is counting her blessings. Normally she and her family would have been sitting at the table directly in the path of a car that crashed into the Arby's restaurant in West Mifflin. On Friday, they chose a table just a few feet away.

"There must have been a presence of God in there because there was not one person that was severely injured," Miljus said.

Tracey Miljus
Tracey Miljus (Photo Credit: KDKA)

Miljus is a nursing manager for UPMC. As soon as the accident happened, her training and instincts kicked in – starting with the driver.

"(I) got her to turn off her car," Miljus said. "She wasn't bleeding, she looked at me than I just ran over looking for people who were injured."

Miljus found Anna Eibeck, a patron, who luckily wasn't hurt after her chair was pushed in by the car while she was sitting in it.

"I told her God was on her side because the chair was hit … she could have been an inch over and I would have been doing CPR instead of trying to calm her down," Miljus said.


When the car crashed through the window, Miljus' daughter Shannon was standing at the condiments station.

"I looked up and I saw a bunch of glass shatter and I kinda saw the car come through, but it didn't really process through my head so I ducked down because I thought it was gunshots."

Shannon Miljus said it felt like she was in a movie, but she came away learning a valuable lesson.

"Always be prepared," she said. "Anything can happen anywhere. God was really there, honestly."

As for watching her mother take charge, Shannon wasn't surprised because "she's a nurse, and that's she does."

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