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Industry Couple Having Similar Philly Parking Ticket Issue To Munhall Family

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A local woman recently told her story about getting parking ticket from Philadelphia even though she's never been there.

Now, other people have contacted KDKA with similar stories, as well as a lawmaker who has an idea to stop it.

Ida Weekley, of Industry, knew she wasn't alone after she saw Munhall's Doreen Simeone on television last week.

Simeone's daughter had a $106 parking ticket from Philadelphia.

KDKA's David Highfield: "Have you ever been to Philadelphia?"

Simeone: "Never in my life."

Highfield: "Has your daughter ever been to Philadelphia?"

Simeone: "Never in her life. None of us have ever been to Philadelphia."

KDKA called the Philadelphia Parking Authority, and they figured out that Simeone mistakenly got the bill because someone mistook an "X" in the license plate number for a "Y."

Weekley's story sounds just like Simeone's.

Highfield: "Your husband has never been to Philadelphia?"

Weekley: "Never been to Philadelphia."

Yet, Weekley's husband has gotten a bunch of tickets from Philadelphia.

"Fourteen tickets," says Weekley.

Never a description of his truck, just the plate number. She's afraid he might lose his license if they don't pay.

Weekley: "$1,309."

Highfield: "That's a lot of money."

Weekley: "Yes it is."

She's not sure how this happening and has called the City of Brotherly Love over and over hoping to get it straightened out. Most recently, she sent a picture of his truck and is now waiting to hear back.

The office of a lawmaker on the other end of the state also contacted KDKA's David Highfield.

Because of these types of problems, he plans to introduce a bill that requires anyone who issues tickets to take a photograph of the vehicle and the license plate.

Rep. Ron Miller actually introduced the bill once before in Harrisburg, but it never became law.

Local Woman Ends Up With Philadelphia Parking Ticket Because Of Handwriting Mix-Up (2/22/13)
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