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Indoor Bike Park Opens In Homewood

HOMEWOOD (KDKA) -- The weather is never a factor at the Wheel Mill bike park.

Mountain biker Harry Geyer constructed his indoor bike park in a vacant warehouse in Homewood.

"No two jumps have the same takeoff the same landing," he says, "so they're all shaped differently. They have different radiuses, different distances apart. We wanted the whole entire park to be very nature inspired, so you can see the shape of the jumps is very organic. So it's a lot like what you would see out on the trails from the guys who build their trails in the woods."

Employee Michael Potoczny designed the course to mimic a BMX outdoor trail.

"You can be very creative," he explains. "Think of your tricks because in BMX nothing is right or wrong. Whatever you're having fun with, that's fine."

For 19-year-old rider Mason Ritter, it's all about independence.

"Being able to do whatever you want," he says. "It's not like a team type sport; you don't have people telling you what you can and can't do."

There's a padded room for new riders and simpler trails are marked according to difficulty

The owner sums it all up.

"It's exercise, it's mental challenge, it's physical challenge, you get to be creative and it just feels amazing," Geyer said.

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