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Idle Thoughts- Holgorsen's Partying Places Luck, WVU In Tough Spot

I'm not one to share my opinion, but since you asked...
  • When it comes to having a good time, Dana Holgorsen could probably write a book.  But when you are a college football coach, having a reputation as a party animal doesn't help.  Holgorsen's been on quite a tear since moving to Morgantown.  He's been involved in no less than three alcohol related incidents and as many as six (alleged) since December.  Given the fact he's a head-coach in waiting, these recent 'issues' can't make his boss, WVU AD Oliver Luck feel so comfortable about hiring Holgorsen.  Simply put, Holgorsen needs to address his drinking issue and get some professional help and fast.  It may also be the only way to keep the job he's scheduled to take over from Bill Stewart in 2012. 
  • The lack of bench help the Pirates have right now is becoming more and more apparent.  With Pedro Alvarez and now Steve Pearce on the DL and Brandon Wood amounting to nothing short of an epic fail, the club could be forced to use Indianapolis call up Josh Harrison at 3rd.  His batting average is solid, but he lacks power at a position that all but demands it. 
  • How cool is it to see Charlie Morton's name sandwiched between Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay for best ERA in the National League? 
  • Has Joe Paterno retire...ah never mind.
  • I do think Dana Holgorsen can lead WVU as its next head football coach, but getting help for his drinking problem is the 1st step in that process and keeping his employer in the loop about it plays a part in this.  Some would argue that his ability to lead young men is already in question.  I disagree.  We are a forgiving society, but addressing and fixing the problem is the only way to accomplish this.  It won't be easy, but stepping away from booze altogether is what he must do in order to fix his problem to start. 
  • It's too bad Terrell Pryor walked the path he did in Columbus.  It's not hard to imagine things would have been different had he stayed home and played for Dave Wannstedt at Pitt.  The going rate for a Meinike Car Care ring is about $50 and after a survey of area Tattoo parlors, nobody takes trade for tats. 
  • Did anybody notice who won the Indy 500?  That's a sporting event that has totally fallen off the map. 
  • As much as I would like to root against Lebron James, its only a matter of time before he and his Miami Heat teammates claim the NBA title over Dallas.  The King will finally have a crown he's earned. 
  • Have you been caught up in Pittsburgh Powermania?  I didn't think so. 
  • Tiger Woods will not win a golf tournament in 2011.  And you can forget about him catching, let alone passing Jack Nicklaus's career mark of 18 majors.  That door is firmly closed also. 
  • I sympathize with Holgorsen, partly because I have battled drinking problems over the years.  Getting help and working a rehab program can be embarrassing to some, but admitting you have a problem is a major step in fixing it.  I hope Luck doesn't do the easy thing and fire Holgorsen.  WVU Admin's may give him no choice, but if he truly believes in the young offensive coordinator, he will stick by him, support Holgorsen in getting the help needed and much like a bad storm, will watch this pass by.
  • If the Pirates played at their current pace, they would surpass 70 wins with ease.  The worry for 2012 is that even a 70+ win season could lead to a 100-loss follow-up. 
  • The only three Pirates that should be used to trade with come July are Paul Maholm, Joel Hanarhan and Ryan Doumit.  Anybody else makes no sense.  These three players have the ability to bring major league ready talent to a team with young players to build around. 
  • I'm still of the belief that there will be NFL football come September.  I just don't know if it will look like NFL Football. 
  • ROOT Sports has come under fire for the way they 'package' their sports coverage of the Pirates.  I've heard several beefs from area sports fans, including that they show too many Pittsburgh fans in the stands of road games during breaks.  If that's what you have to complain about, then I guess they are doing a good job otherwise.  What more can they really do?  Put a computer generated flame on the ball as it leaves the infield?  Shoot me now. 
  • I have no interest in the Stanley Cup Final featuring Vancouver and Boston, but I will root for Mark Recchi.  At 43, the 'Wrecking Ball' is chasing a 3rd Cup ring.  If he and his Bees can pull the upset, Recchi could do what John Elway and Jerome Bettis did at the end of their career, go out on top.  How cool would that be?  With that said, I like the Canucks in five games. 

John Phillips is the author of this article and a secret member of the Galactic Empire.  When he's not chasing down Jedi across the Parkway East, he can be heard hosting weekend talk-show's and anchoring sports updates on 93.7 The Fan. 

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