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Rising Waters Of Piney Fork And Peters Creeks Cause Flooding, Evacuations In South Hills

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A morning full of heavy rainfall left Piney Fork Road flooded in the South Hills.

Despite the rising water levels from Piney Fork Creek, drivers still tried to cross the bridge that's in front of the Bethel Park Wastewater Treatment Plant. Some made it through, but one car got stuck.

Thankfully, the driver and his daughter were okay.

KDKA's Briana Smith live at noon:


While AAA and the Library Volunteer Fire Company came to the rescue, other first responders were on Church Street to assist people stuck in their homes.

Peters Creek overflowed and flooded the area.

"We have the water rescue team out of Jefferson Hills making their way down the roadway checking homes one at a time and evacuating residents the best we can," said Jeff Guerriero, the Library Volunteer Fire Company Chief.

Guerriero says out of the seven houses, two were evacuated.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Only four adults and three children decided to leave. Rachelle Palmer, her husband and 11-month-old baby were some of them.

"A little stressed and frustrated, worried that stuff is going to get ruined," said Palmer.

She says the water rose to her basement ceiling, and she hopes there won't be much damage when it's time to return home.

"That we can come back in the house and we don't have to find a hotel room to stay in tonight, but we packed our bags just in case," said Palmer.

Families who stayed are busy pumping out the water from their basements.

Just a couple of feet away, the Port Authority Silver Line - Library route and parking lot were also under water and had to close.

Port Authority says they have to inspect the rails before operating again and the line should be back in service by later this afternoon.

For the time being, shuttle buses were running from the Library Station to Washington Junction.

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