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'I Am A Very Lucky Guy': Man Who Beat Cancer Twice Wins $4.6 Million Lottery Jackpot

BEND, Ore. (CBS Local) -- An Oregon man is definitely on a winning streak. First he beat cancer. Then he beat it again. And then, he won the lottery!

Stu MacDonald, of Bend, is $4.6 million richer after winning the state's Megabucks jackpot.

"I am a very lucky guy," MacDonald said in a statement released by the Oregon Lottery on Friday. "I have survived cancer twice and here I am. This is amazing."

MacDonald said each time he would go out to purchase his ticket every week, his wife, Claudia, would tell him, "get the winning ticket."

But when he went to purchase his tickets on Sept. 7, he told Oregon Lottery officials his wife had forgotten to tell him her usual phrase.

MacDonald bought the quick pick ticket anyway at Ashley's Café in Bend and became $4.6 million richer.

Officials say MacDonald chose to take his lottery winnings in one lump sum, which was worth $2.3 million. After taxes, he took home $1.56 million.

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