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'It Takes Teamwork': Pittsburgh-Area Animal Rescuers Working Together To Help Hurricane Florence Pets

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Although the flood waters from Hurricane Florence have receded, many animal shelters in the Carolinas are still overflowing. Shelters cannot keep up with all the surrendered pets, and some Pittsburgh-area rescuers are answering their call for help.

The rescue journey begins by taking to the sky.

Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team traveled to North Carolina for two important reasons: to safely bring back some surrendered animals and drop off some much-needed help.

The group flew 300 pounds of medical supplies to some shelters who were running low on supplies. After two-and-a-half hours in the cloudy, blue sky, the team made their delivery and welcomed on board their furry new friends.

Fifteen dogs, cats and kittens all said goodbye to North Carolina and traveled back to Pittsburgh. They were welcomed by different area shelters, like Homeless Cat Management Team.

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"Those are our fellow rescuers down there. I can't imagine if we were in that position and we needed outside help, because we were facing a disaster. I would be so thankful for those other rescues to come in and pull a couple animals so that we can help the ones that are truly in crisis at that moment," said Margo Cicci, the vice president of Homeless Cat Management Team. "We all know that flying can be stressful, especially for animals, but the cats handled it like champs."

"Four of them still need spayed and neutered. They still need some medical care. They still need testing and vaccinations, but they're super-friendly, awesome cats," said Cicci.

While rescuers, like her do not know what the North Carolina animals have been through, they feel good knowing they will help re-write their story.

"As rescuers, that's what it's about. It takes teamwork. And when you work together, you're able to save so many more lives," said Cicci.

Hopefully, these animals will be ready for adoption soon, to begin their new lives in Pennsylvania. For more information, visit:

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