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'It's Important Not To Panic': Local Doctor Talks Coronavirus Preparedness

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - "It's important not to panic," a local doctor says of COVID-19.

And there is a difference between panic and preparedness. Dr. Amesh Adalja specializes in infectious diseases and pandemic preparedness.

Here are some of the recommendations for preparing for a potential coronavirus outbreak: make sure you have enough non-perishable food on hand, things like canned foods, vegetables grains and pasta.

There is a checklist of items you will want to stock in your home, items that will last for at least two weeks.

Antibacterial soap and wipes, toilet paper, tissues, laundry and dish detergent are just some of the must haves.

Head to the pharmacy to get prescriptions filled and buy over-the-counter pain medications and cold meds.


"All of this over-the-counter cold medicines may come in handy when people have symptoms, because remember, most cases are going to be mild and they're going to be like the common cold," says Dr. Adalja.

When it comes to water, you will need one gallon per person per day. You can also buy hydrating drinks like Gatorade.

And you may also have to develop new routines like banking, shopping, working and educating your children online.

"There are going to be some hiccups when people have to transition to being completely online if they are quarantined," he says. "For example, they may have to telecommute to work and teleconferences and even schools may do instruction online using Skype."

If you have little ones at home, make sure you stock up with baby bottles, formula, baby food and diapers.

And don't forget our four-legged family members -- buy pet food and cat litter.

"Hopefully we don't get to that point when people are under forced quarantine," he says.

Bottom line, use common sense. If you are sick, stay home.

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