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Inauguration Day: What Do Pittsburghers Want To See From A Biden-Harris Administration?

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - As one president leaves and another arrives, what would you like to see happen now?

In the Strip District Pittsburghers weighed in on two questions: Should the Senate and Prosecutors go after President Trump? And what could President Biden do that would be important to you?

On the question of pursuing any action against President Trump here are some of the comments.

"I think they should criminally charge him. You know, pay for his consequences for what he's done."

"I think at this point we just need to move on. What happened, happened. Because I think the longer we let that linger, and we just keep opening and ripping off that band-aid, I think it's just time to close it up."

"Everybody gotta serve big time for what they did. So if they find he did something wrong they gotta do what they gotta do right."

"He should be investigated, just like any other citizen and then we leave it up to, hopefully, our judicial system to do the work that they're supposed to do."

"Get him! He did wrong! Bottom line end of story. You messed up. You messed up. And that's just what it is you got to eat that."

"I think that you should leave Donald Trump. And let him fade out into the, into the wilderness."

"I think he needs to be accountable for the things that he's done. Bullying in any workplace wouldn't be tolerated and that's what he's been, a bully."

"Let it go. Walk away, and unite. I think It'll bring people together quickly."

On the question of what President Biden should do that will have the best impact on them, here are the responses.

WATCH: What Are Pittsburghers Hoping For From The Biden Administration?

"We are so split. So many people are angry and he needs to bring two sides together."

"Politicians, just kind of say what they need to say to get into position that they're trying to get into. As I said, you can only hope that what they say, is what they stand for."

"We need to have the vaccination opened up real quick, real quick for Pennsylvania."

"I would just like to see a continuation of the trajectory that the economy has been on even throughout the pandemic. Being self-employed individuals in sales, we need a continuation of that and to get restaurants back to work and everybody back to work."

"Just be more fair to people, that's all we all ever want, more for the people. If you can do more things for worse communities and people in situations I hope everybody gets a chance."

"Just find a way to bring us back to normalcy. Whether that is through the vaccination through the economy through uniting people but the madness has to stop. And he decides to do whatever he can to bring us back to normal again."

"Bring the people together and we're together as one. And that would be my goal."

"I actually do think he has a huge challenge in front of them. I certainly wouldn't want to walk into that office. I don't know why anybody wants to be president anymore, to be quite honest with you."

A common thread in looking to the future question was a desire to solve the pandemic and unite the nation.

Overall our Strip District panel is hopeful but also anxious and weary of everything being so unsettled.

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