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Homestead Man Arrested After Foot Chase

HOMESTEAD (KDKA) -- Police set up a perimeter on Eighth Avenue in Homestead Friday afternoon when an officer saw a man with a gun. After searching for several hours, Allegheny County Police took the man into custody.

He was identified as 24-year-old Rahim Thomas of Homestead.

They'd been looking for Thomas, who they described as a "person of interest," in connection with a fatal shooting in Homestead Thursday morning.

"We reviewed camera footage around this area, we determined he did go into their apartment building over here. Reviewing camera footage from inside the building, we narrowed it down to an area where he was and about three hours later, we located him in the rafters," Allegheny County Police Lieutenant Ken Ruckel said.

Family members identified the shooting victim as 20-year-old Dauminique Ross.

He was at his 16th Ave home with his family Thursday morning when there was a knock at the door. When he went to answer it, there was gunfire. He was shot multiple times and died at a hospital.

The suspect fled the scene, and no motive has been established.

Outside Ross's home, there was a Friday night candlelight vigil brought that saw several dozen of Ross's family members and friends get together.

They were looking to answer the question, "Why?"

At the same time, hard-pressed to express their feelings.

One man broke down and said, "I can't say how I feel, that should have been my boy."

"I'm tired, you all should be tired...this is horrible that we're standing here, that my friend has to bury her child..that you all have to bury another one of your friends," Mary Nesby, a member of the Homestead Borough Council, told the gathering.

Thomas now faces charges of trespassing and fleeing from the police.

He has not been as of now in connection with the Ross shooting.

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