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Hoarder's Landlord Brings Excrement To Court

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A local woman's yearlong battle to get a hoarder out of her apartment has taken an ugly turn.

Connie Lucey says a tenant who refuses to leave her Friendship apartment in now buried under 10-feet of garbage.

Lucey says she made a shocking discovery in the apartment on a recent inspection. Lucey says she found human waste in the trash where she says tenant Ken Goldsmith is living.

"I brought the excrement, the human waste to the hearing for the federal judge to hear," she said. "Because they are not supporting me in getting him out efficiently and I have to go to extreme lengths."

The Allegheny County Sheriff's Department says this type of situation happens more than people think.

Sgt. Richard Fersch says, "We had a case like this that dragged out in the courts for seven years."

Meantime, the Allegheny County Health Department is now involved.

Dr. Bruce Dixon says he will try to determine if tenant Goldsmith apartment presents a public health hazard.

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