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Hines Ward's 'DWTS' Partner To Practice With Neck Brace

LOS ANGELES (KDKA) -- News of Kym Johnson's injury during rehearsal today with Hines exploded on the internet from Twitter to TMZ and then on the entertainment shows, including THE INSIDER who happened to have cameras there when it happened.

KDKA's Stephanie Watson just learned tonight from Kym's publicist her neck is bruised and sore, but she plans to continue with the show.

An emergency had the LA fire department dispatched to the "Dancing With The Stars" rehearsal studios where Hines Ward and his partner Kym Johnson were practicing.

THE INSIDER's Brooke Anderson says their cameras were there when Johnson was taken out on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on her face.

"We had cameras inside speaking to Hines and Kym right before it happened and they had just come out of their rehearsal room when all of the commotion began," Anderson told KDKA-TV. "So we're not sure if they were practicing some sort of a lift or what exactly occurred."

Johnson's Rep, Jane Negline, tells KDKA's Stephanie Watson she was taken to the hospital and underwent an MRI as a precaution. She will be okay, just a lot of soreness and bruising to her neck. THE INSIDER's Brooke Anderson says Hines was understandably upset.

"We actually caught up with Hines Ward outside the hospital. He said he really didn't know what was happening, what was going on, but he was going to find out," Anderson said. "I think he was probably still a little bit shocked that it had happened."

Of course, fans hope the injury isn't serious enough that she won't be able to continue. But if not, would the show go on for Hines?

"Maybe Hines could get another professional dancer because of course they want to give Hines his fair shot at the Mirror Ball Trophy," Anderson explained.

But for now, that is a worst case scenario. Hines, on his Facebook page, assured fans:
"Kym plans to continue with me in the competition and get back to rehearsals as soon as possible. Steeler Nation - please show her some love. She is awesome! Hines"

Kym will continue practicing with a neck brace. Hines & Kym have three dances on Monday – the Tango, the Salsa and the Cha Cha Cha.

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