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Hey Ray: Magnetic money

Hey Ray: Magnetic money
Hey Ray: Magnetic money 02:05

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Today's topic is money.  

It buys us goods and services, but there is a little, scientific secret that the bills in your wallet hold.

That's a lot of coin! Ray Petelin

You may already know that the U.S. Mint produces coins. 

There is another bureau that makes paper money.  

That is the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and they print BILLIONS of dollars every year.

(singing) Money, money, money....MONEY! Ray Petelin

So what is the secret?  

That paper money is magnetic!

Wait..that's paper, not metal!  Ray Petelin

You need a powerful magnet, like a rare earth magnet. It is also called a neodymium magnet. 

That strong magnet shows that paper money contains something magnetic. 

If you remember in the past, we did an experiment in the past showing how your cereal may be magnetic. Well, the same is true with money that "don't jingle jingle, but folds."

Guess President Abraham didn't like the joke, either... Ray Petelin

The money is printed on a special kind of paper. Actually, a paper that is so special that it is made specifically for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and it is illegal for anyone but them to have that blank paper, too. 

It's a special paper Ray Petelin

That paper is made of 75-percent cotton and 25-percent linen and has random red and blue fibers in it.  Nothing just mentioned is magnetic, though.

Magnetic ink?? Ray Petelin

The ink is where we find the metal!

There are green ink and color-changing inks on our currency, and some of the inks contain iron.  Just like in our cereal experiment, that iron concentration is just enough for a powerful magnet like our neodymium magnet to cause the paper money to react, just not enough to jingle.

The money is magnetic! Ray Petelin

That is the secret to moolah being magnetic.

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