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'He's Not Dead, He's Just Sleeping': Dog's Napping Habit Alarms Locals

MUSCATINE, Iowa (CBS Local) -- A dog named Hudson has only one trick, but it's good enough to make just about everyone stop and stare.

The 2-year-old Siberian Husky frequently naps on the driveway at Rick's Automotive in Muscatine, Iowa, looking like a pile of lifeless fur.

People passing by worry Hudson is dead.

"We're dog owners and dog lovers, my wife and I, so I thought what's going on with that dog" a concerned customer told WQAD. "I had second thoughts like well, maybe I better make sure he's okay."

But dog dad and mechanic Dustrin Trimble said Hudson just likes to sun bathe.

"He's not dead. He's just sleeping. He likes the sun," he said.

That's a big relief for concerned customers.

"He's alive and well, and he just likes to sunbathe without a swimming suit," Hudson lover Kay Wilson said.

"He might have a little bit of a following, I guess, you know what I mean," said Trimble.

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