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Caught On Camera: Attempted Burglar Smashes In Jewelry Store Door, Gets Away Empty-Handed

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Police are searching for a suspect after a brazen break-in overnight at a jewelry store in Shadyside; however, the would-be thief ended up leaving empty-handed.

The attempted burglary happened around 3 a.m. at Henne Jewelers on Walnut Street.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Brian Smithmyer)

The actor is seen on a surveillance camera smashing in the right front glass door with a crowbar, entering the store with a duffel bag, taking a look around, then nodding his head in frustration once he realizes there's no jewelry inside. He then quickly makes his exit.

He was in the store for a total of about 20 seconds.

WATCH: Surveillance Video --


"He has a gray and black jacket in footage, white male with green shoes and yellow laces, white bottoms," said owner of Henne Jewelers, John Henne. "They were in for about 20 seconds. They got in, realized we don't keep anything out for anyone to take."

Police spent hours inside the store Tuesday morning gathering evidence after the attempted burglary. Store employees spent time cleaning up the glass before the door was boarded up.

This isn't the first time Henne Jewelers has been broken into. That's why the owner posted a sign out front that stating that the jewelry is stored in a vault after hours.

Around nine years ago, Henne was robbed twice in the same week. In the first incident, two men smashed out a display case and stole what was inside. The store was hit again when a thief rammed an SUV into the front door and got away with some jewelry.

"Someone drove a car through the front door to try to get jewelry that was on the far side of the store. Since then, we don't leave anything, whatsoever, not even a sterling silver necklace anywhere in the store," said John Henne, the president and owner of Henne Jewelers.

(Source: Henne Jewelers)

The Shadyside community is continually doing what it can to make sure crime is at an all time low.

"We meet weekly with Cmdr. Herrmann up at the zone, we have an officer here, community-oriented police officer that walks the beat on a daily basis as well as at night," said President of the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce Richard Rattner.

As far as why the burglar still broke in despite the sign out front, stating the obvious, that's unclear.

"Maybe he can't read, but the sign says there's absolutely nothing. It's all locked in our vault," said Henne.

Despite the attempted burglary, Henne Jewelers is open for business.

Meanwhile, anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call Pittsburgh Police.


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